Malika Saymak , CEO & founder, was inspired to create Mikah Amsterdam in 2021, after years of experimenting and testing so many hairtools. Yet she missed something on the market: A curling iron that was lightweight and easy to use for all hairtypes, long or short. That’s when she decided to create a hairtool with an extra long rod and an elegant design, the Mikah Curling Iron 25 mm. This very first product of us immediately became a huge success and gave us no choice but to grow and expand our brand even more. Now we’re almost two years further and are expanding more than ever.
At Mikah Amsterdam, we provide luxury and professional hairstyling tools that will get the best out of your hair and yourself. Our mission is to inspire women from all races and sizes, to self-express and empower beauty in their own way.
We are fully focused on the quality and branding of each product to provide the best experience for our customers. Every order that reaches our customer, has to feel like a gifting experience when opening the package.