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Mikah Amsterdam

MIKAH - Paddle Nylon Hairbrush

MIKAH - Paddle Nylon Hairbrush

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This detangling brush gives you a new level of comfort while styling! It is an air-permeable brush and carefully combs through the hair without pulling or causing any damage. Because the pins are flexible, you can easily and painlessly comb through the tangles. The tips of the synthetic hairs provide a massage effect on the scalp. This high-quality brush gives the hair a fresh and shiny look.

Note: If the brush comes into contact with greasy or wet hands too often, the logo may fade or disappear.

  • Nylon brush hair
  • Vegan
  • Gives the hair back its shine
  • Suitable for extensions and all hair types
  • Easily detangles the hair
  • The brush hairs spread the natural oils for a healthier look
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